Hiwave Smart Center provides professional, international and whole process operation service. The headquarter is located in Shanghai, China. For now, we have set up an international operation network with 2 divisions in the United State and Germany. Hiwave Smart Center is committed to providing the comprehensive operation services for high-tech entrepreneur enterprises and teams, which includes tax planning, financial management, legal consultation, personal administration, public administration, marketing support, procurement service, logistics and warehousing, public relations, etc. We also provide technical assistance service for equipment customization, precision machining and product inspection in R&D and production process.
Globalization Layout
Adhering to the concept of ‘Niche Market + Internationalization + Accumulation & Expansion’, Hiwave Smart Center bases in Shanghai, China, and set up 2 divisions in North America and Europe to provide the global services for entrepreneurship.
By the means of resource sharing, Hiwave Smart Center provides the whole process and one-stop
service to high-tech entrepreneurship programs and innovation projects.
Comprehensive Service
Technical Service
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Rich Industry
In these year, Hiwave Smart Center concentrates on team building and accumulates rich service experiences in new materials, advanced equipment and internet of things.
Service Team
Hiwave Smart Center possesses rich experienced talents of different services, such as financial management, legal affairs, marketing support, IT support, HR service.
Consultant Team
Hiwave Smart Center sets up cooperative relationship with relative services consultants and utilizes all sorts of resource to provide professional service to high-tech entrepreneurship programs and innovation projects.
Efficient Industry
Integration Capacity
Hiwave Smart Center keeps good communication and cooperative relationship with international enterprises and national listed companies, and possess efficient industry integration capacity.
Hiwave Smart Center has established operation bases in China, North America and Europe, which can satisfy the international operation requirements for high-tech projects and achieve a high level of brand recognition.