Global technology service provider

Hiwave Smart Center (Shanghai) Technology Development Co., Ltd provides professional, international and high-tech services to our customers. Hiwave’s headquarters are in Shanghai, China, with branches in Georgia, USA, and Hanover, Germany. Hiwave Smart Center commits to serve high-tech start-ups and entrepreneurial teams with comprehensive operation services (tax affairs preparation, financial management, personnel administration, marketing management, logistics & warehousing, and public relations), and technical support service (customized equipment, precision machining, and product testing). Hiwave Smart Center is constantly improving our service model based on our innovative service and abundant resources, to allow high-tech start-ups to concentrate on their core business and strategic decisions.

Hiwave Smart Center provides professional and comprehensive operational and technical assistance services for different kinds of high-tech entrepreneur enterprises and teams. We do our best to help the enterprises solve any and all problems that appear at any stage in entrepreneurship, and to facilitate the start-up’s growth from concept to company. For example, Shanghai Hiwave Precision Instrument Co., Ltd., with the assistance of Hiwave Smart Center, announced its public listing on May 11 of 2016 in NEEQ (Stock Name:Hiwave Precision, Stock Code: 837263).

Globalization Layout

Adhering to the concept of ‘Niche Market + Internationalization + Accumulation & Expansion’, Hiwave Smart Center has bases in Shanghai, China, as well as 2 divisions in North America and Europe to provide global services for entrepreneurship. By means of accumulation and expansion, we establish innovative operating systems for resource sharing, and provide a platform for global professionals to start up their own business.

Brand Story

Hiwave: Company Brand
Smart: Service in Multiple Fields
Center: Platform for Cooperation